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Lara Roberts

Working in participation & coproduction with families

Participation Lead at the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, Lara Roberts outlines how working in participation and coproduction with families should work and what it should look like in practice. The session highlights the differences between individual and strategic participation and coproduction. Its aim is to help teachers understand the role of parents and young people and use this approach when working with families. Delegates hear examples of successful individual and strategic coproduction in the education environment and the resulting benefits.

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Lara Roberts
Lara Roberts
Participation Lead for the NNPCF
About Lara – Lara Roberts has been part of parent participation for nine years. She was selected as the South ...

Book Pairing

by Colin and Rachel Redman, our resident book curators from SEN Books

Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities

An essential and practical resource for helping children with severe and complex learning difficulties, their classmates, their teachers and the schools that they attend.