What is a Virtual Conference?

A 21st-century solution designed to support schools and professionals that is both affordable and easily accessible without reducing quality.

A Virtual SEND Conference is a real conference with a big difference… you attend it online from where you are! We have taken this concept and created SEND focused conferences to help the whole education sector get the quality CPD they need. We get the best speakers from across the country to talk about a range of topics, and we build a schedule that has something for every school and setting.

There are many benefits to our Virtual SEND Conference, here are a few of them:

Less time out of teaching

Easy to attend

Broad range of topics covered

Cost effective

Access to ALL sessions after it has ended

Chat based engagement with other delegates

Watch previews of the previous conferences

The unique feature of our Virtual Conferences is that while you can only attend one of the stream sessions at a time, after the event, the videos for the other sessions are available to be watched. So if you are keen on two sessions happening at the same time, you can simply watch one afterwards. Share these sessions with your colleagues in your school for more effective “pass it on training”, refer back to them when needs arise or even better, why not do what some of our schools did and watch the Conference together on the big screen and discuss as you go.

Flexibility is the key to our virtual conference and we achieve this without compromising on the quality. You can use the conference to meet your own individual and school level needs. As most people tell us, it really is a “no brainer”!

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