Want to be Part of our Virtual Conference?

Want to be part of something special?

Got something you want to share with professionals? Do you want to pass on valuable and vital information to an audience actively looking for guidance and support? Then why not get involved with the Virtual SEND Conference and become a speaker!

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We are always looking for great speakers on a broad range of topics across SEND. We want to try and deliver sessions covering the big hitting issues but we also want to address the more niche areas. That is why we have expanded our conferences to now include a third afternoon stream so that we can cram even more into our Virtual Conference. And the best thing is, professionals can watch back your talks long after they have finished. Every year schools are faced with new challenges so whilst a session may not be relevant at the time to certain delegates, it may prove useful in the future.

So if you do have something to share in the SEND world, then get in touch with us to discuss your chosen expertise and talk.

We are also looking for speakers for our first VSEND Parents Conference. A different audience with different needs but still wanting the same quality access to guidance from professionals. This opens up the scope of topics further as parents have different challenges that still need addressing. We are open to suggestions on what you feel you can bring to the conference. We are still in the planning stages but we know what we want to achieve for parents across the country and the world. No matter where you are, it would be great to hear from you to share what you think you can bring.

GET IN TOUCH:      TELEPHONE: 01252 235335     EMAIL: hello@virtualsendconference.com