becky lyddon

Becky Lyddon

Understanding Sensory processing and the autistic child

Pioneering creator of SPD experiential installations, Becky Lyddon provides insight on the autistic sensory world. Becky’s aim is to create a better understanding of SPD and therefore a better awareness of it. This is achieved by educating delegates on what life can be like for autistic children who have Sensory Processing Difficulties.

The way we interact in our environment relates to how we understand and process the sensory information around us. We may notice some autistic people respond differently to their environment due to sensory processing difficulties. It is important we understand how to recognise and support these characteristics.

This session helps delegates understand the importance of our senses for learning and everyday life. It increases understanding of what Sensory Processing Difficulties are and how to recognise and support sensory needs.

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Becky Lyddon
Becky Lyddon
Founder, Sensory Spectacle
About Becky – Becky Lyddon was captivated by the autistic sensory world whilst working in a centre in West ...

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