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Lorraine Petersen

Supporting mental health and well-being in your classroom

Education Consultant, Lorraine Petersen OBE outlines why supporting mental health and well-being in your classroom has become such an important issue within schools. The session makes teachers more aware of the mental health difficulties that their students may have and why these may be increasing. It will consider the DfE guidance on teaching Health Education which must be implemented by September 2020 and the impact this will have on class teachers. Strategies will also be provided for teachers to ensure mental health and wellbeing is supported in their classroom.

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Lorraine Petersen OBE
Lorraine Petersen OBE
Educational Consultant
About Lorraine – Lorraine Petersen has 25 years’ experience in the mainstream school environment as a Teacher ...

Book Pairing

by Colin and Rachel Redman, our resident book curators from SEN Books

Mental Health in Education

Mental health and well-being are becoming increasingly important areas of focus in education, yet schools often find themselves lacking the tools, time and resources to tackle the issues.