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Hannah Clements & Helen Ralston

Supporting Learners with ASD in the mainstream classroom

This session synthesises Hannah’s twenty years of autism education experience and Helen’s mainstream background in order to share some of the barriers faced by students with ASD in mainstream environments, ultimately supporting learners with ASD.

More importantly, the session focuses on simple strategies that can help students overcome these barriers but are realistic for the busy teacher to implement.

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Helen Ralston
Helen Ralston
Headteacher, The Rise School
About Helen – Helen Ralston trained to teach English via Teach First, enjoying a range of roles: KS3 ...
Hannah Clements
Hannah Clements
Assistant Headteacher, The Rise School
About Hannah – Hannah Clements has worked within both mainstream and special educational school settings, ...

Book Pairing

by Colin and Rachel Redman, our resident book curators from SEN Books

100 Ideas for Primary Teachers Supporting Pupils with Autism

This dip-in book offers ways to enable teachers to better understand autism and how they can create a more supportive learning environment.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers Supporting Students with Autism

This book helps teachers develop subtle learning strategies that will help create an inclusive, quality teaching environment where pupils with autism can be supported during this time of change.