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Neil Mackay

Supporting children and young people with dyslexia in mainstream settings

This session from Neil Mackay presents high impact solutions for supporting children with dyslexia who talk an effective narrative but struggle to produce written work which matches their ability.  This approach has been particularly effective with students for whom English as a second/additional language as well as for native speakers.

A combination of teacher modelling, kinaesthetic planning approaches, scaffolding and group-based talk will demonstrate how to think without boundaries, select and order ideas and add value throughout the writing process.

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Neil MacKay
Neil MacKay
CEO, Action Dyslexia Training and Consultancy
About Neil – Neil Mackay is a freelance consultant and trainer with over 26 years experience as a SENCO and ...

Book Pairing

by Colin and Rachel Redman, our resident book curators from SEN Books

Supporting Young People with dyslexia

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