Debrah Wilson

Debrah Wilson

Debrah Wilson

About Debrah

Debrah Wilson is an Education & Assessment Manager at Fresh Start in Education Ltd. 

Passionate about teaching and learning, Debrah uses her experience and drive to recognise barriers to learning and successfully address areas of development. She does this by implementing effective Person-Centred Intervention plans. This is how she ensures her teaching and assessment strategies are tailored to meet individual’s needs and support them to reach their maximum potential. 

Deborah has worked with post 16 young people for 30 years and taught in the further education sector for over 25 years. She predominantly works with 14-20 year olds with SEND, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and vulnerable young people (most of whom have been looked after children).  

Deborah has a Certificate in Education, as well as teaching qualifications in Special Educational Needs. 

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