Becky Lyddon

Becky Lyddon

Becky Lyddon

About Becky

– Becky Lyddon was captivated by the autistic sensory world whilst working in a centre in West London that supports children and young people with complex health needs and disabilities.

She founded Sensory Spectacle in 2014 to educate the public and support families and people with SPD.  Becky designs and builds environments to help society experience for themselves how SPD can impact their daily lives. She created the Sensory Classroom in 2015 & launched the Sensory Dining Room in 2016 to teach, through experience, about SPD.

By learning through the experience of her installations Becky creates awareness and encourages parents and professionals to empathise. Her installations have been known to change the way adults and children with additional needs are cared for by parents and professionals.

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Becky's Sessions

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  • 27th March 2020
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