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Jane Friswell

Managing and accessing funding for SEN and the £780m additional funding for SEND promise

SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate, Jane Friswell advises on managing and accessing funding for SEN.

With the promise of an additional £780 million of funding for SEN allocated by government to LAs across England in the new financial year, how likely is this to have an impact on improving the quality of provision for pupils and their families? What can we expect from the additional funding? In these financially straitened times, schools know better than most that there simply is not enough resource provided to meet the growing needs of pupils with SEND. Schools generally do the best that they can but are expected to deliver more support for less.

This session helps schools be more confident that they are utilising all allocated funding for SEN efficiently and effectively. It also helps improve understanding of what good practice looks like. This may enable those schools who are struggling, to increase their capacity for SEND.

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In Janes handouts, there is a VfM Self Evaluation tool. This is a dated publication however Jane is working on an update to this and will send it through to us when it is complete. We will update the handout accordingly.

Jane Friswell
Jane Friswell
SEND Consultant & Parent Advocate
About Jane – A former SEN Head Teacher, with significant leadership experience in LA SEN Support advisory ...

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