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Neil MacKay

Learning how to learn – supporting students with SEND to learn for tests and exams

Consultant and trainer, Neil MacKay discusses learning how to learn with SEND. He outlines ways to support students with SEND to learn for tests and exams.

The session focuses on making revision “memorable” for students who struggle to process and retain information when learning for tests. Ways to process, organise and sequence information from text will be modelled. Kinaesthetic organising and mind mapping techniques will be outlined. He makes a case for the power of paired reading. He also highlights the impact of “retrieval not re-study” to meet the needs of quick-thinking slow decoders in a range of classroom situations.

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Neil MacKay
Neil MacKay
CEO, Action Dyslexia Training and Consultancy
About Neil – Neil Mackay is a freelance consultant and trainer with over 26 years experience as a SENCO and ...

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