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Jackie Muggleton

Early intervention – making it work

Special Needs Advisor, Jackie Muggleton focusses on the concept of early intervention – making it work with practical examples of how schools can gain insight into children’s needs, make decisions about intervention and measure impact. The session considers what we mean by early intervention and why is it so important? How can teachers use the graduated approach to identify and resolve learning issues? What is high-quality teaching for SEND and how to achieve it? How can SENCOs support all their teacher colleagues and ensure early intervention?

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Jackie Muggleton M.A. AMBDA
Jackie Muggleton M.A. AMBDA
Specialist SEND Advisor
About Jackie – Jackie Muggleton has worked in Education for over 30 years. Her current role includes offering ...

Book Pairing

by Colin and Rachel Redman, our resident book curators from SEN Books

The Essential Resilience and Well-Being Toolkit for Early Years & Younger Children

A ‘must have’ for all early years practitioners seeking to help young children to thrive.
Supporting the mental well-being of younger children will enable them to thrive emotionally and socially, and learn to cope with life’s adversities as they grow older.