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Jane Friswell

Changes to the School Inspection Framework and the implications for SEND

When speaking on what has inspired the proposed changes to the school inspection framework, Ms.Spielman admitted that Ofsted should “be a force for improvement”, perhaps implying that it isn’t currently achieving this. As a result, Ms Spielman believes that Ofsted’s current working practices have increased the pressure “on school leaders, teachers and indirectly on pupils to deliver perfect data above all else” and that they have led “schools to put overall results ahead of individual children’s needs.”

It is these issues that the proposed changes will attempt to tackle. How will the new inspection framework for schools, 2019 do this and provide the basis for championing individual needs and delivering on a more ambitious and inclusive vision for schools? Jane Friswell discusses this in great depth in this session.

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Jane Friswell
Jane Friswell
SEND Consultant & Parent Advocate
About Jane – A former SEN Head Teacher, with significant leadership experience in LA SEN Support advisory ...

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