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Aqualma Murray

Anxiety and school refusal

Aqualma Murray is a Specialist in children’s mental health and wellbeing. She offers an insight into the impact of anxiety on children who are hindered from attending school. This focusses on their mental health issues and stressors as the cause. The session looks at some of the issues that cause anxiety. The session also considers the policies and practices that schools require to support children with anxieties. It also outlines the skills, abilities and tools that professionals can use to work positively. These can be used to assist children who suffer from anxiety and school refusal.

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Aqualma Murray M.A
Aqualma Murray M.A
 About Aqualma – Aqualma Murray has international experience in social work and has been in the social work ...

Book Pairing

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Using an Inclusive Approach to Reduce School Exclusion

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