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27th NOVEMBER 2020

Our 4th Virtual SEND Conference is bigger and better! With the benefit of our newly kitted out, state of the art recording studios, our content and speakers are clearer than ever.

COVID-19 has been a major disruption in the world and whilst we are all well aware children have been affected being out of schools, teachers have also missed out on many critical CPD opportunities. The Virtual SEND Conference allows teachers to access this content in a COVID secure way and continue to improve the outcomes for children.

We are now delivering the Virtual SEND Conference through our new website Training for Education.

“A really good way of gaining knowledge at a fantastic cost with excellent speakers. Really useful day. Thank you!”

Sue Edwards, CHANGE Schools Partnership


Lorraine Petersen 4

SEND Code of Practice 2015: 0 to 25 years, EHCP policy and process – aims and objectives of EHCPs

Lorraine Petersen OBE – Education Consultant

Lorraine outlines the policy in the SEND Code of Practice 2015 in relation to EHC needs assessment and EHCPs. She describes the process by which a schoolparent carer or other individual may seek an EHC needs assessment and the procedures that follow towards an EHCP. 

Jane friswell

Efficacy of the EHCP annual review; how do we check if a plan is delivering the goods? 

Jane Friswell – SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate

The EHCP annual review is the measure to agree how well a plan is delivering in terms of meeting pupil needs, provision and outcomesJane’s session aims to enable those leading on SEND provision to manage annual reviews effectively and be confident in setting high expectations and delivering outcomes focused support and greater levels of personalised progress for pupils.

Sarah Jane Critchley

Listening to pupils, working with parents to create effective EHCPs and cooperative annual reviews 

Sarah-Jane Critchley – Founder, Different Joy Partnership

How can you tap into pupil voice and partnership with parents to create an EHCthat enables a pupil to learn and the school to deliver life-changing support?  A good EHCcan make the difference between a pupil who is disengaged and one who is able to learn and develop. Sarah-Jane provides a parent and pupil perspective, for mainstream, specialist provision and those out of school. 

Jane friswell

Good practice principles when applying for top-up funding; how to apply for high needs funding and measuring the impact of spend 

Jane Friswell, SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate, Jane Friswell SEND Consultancy 

Special and mainstream schools are feeling the pressure on places for increasingly complex SEND provision. How do we ensure that any additional top-up funding for SEND is invested well and does add value to a continuum of provision for SEND across a local area? Jane shares the principles schools need to apply (allowing for local variations of systems and practices) when accessing additional funding for SEND. 

Mark Blois SQUARE

Legal requirements of EHCPs and the spirit of the law 

Mark Blois, Partner and Head of the Education team, Browne Jacobson 

Mark provides an overview of the key legislative provisions underpinning EHCP processes, including requirements for the contents of the EHCP and legal tests for carrying out an EHC needs assessment and issuing an EHCP. This session also looks at the principles underlying this area of work, enshrined in the SEND code of practice, and the corresponding legal duties placed on EHCP contributor organisations. 

Caroline Coady

Good quality social care advice and information 

Caroline Coady, Assistant Director for Social Care, Council for Disabled Children 

Caroline covers the fundamentals of the role of social care in EHCPs, with a focus on good quality social care advice and information. She explains the social care roles and responsibilities in relation to EHCPs and explores approaches to advice and information linked to outcomes and aspirationsShe also aligns the social care input to EHCPs with that of other activities and services. 

Kate Browning photo square

Now you’ve got the EHCP, what can schools do next to ensure it makes a difference in practice? 

Kate Browning, School Improvement for SEND Specialist Consultant 

Kate looks at the important practical next steps needed to implement an EHCP effectively. This includes effective communication and information sharing, mapping and monitoring provision, outlining roles and responsibilities and preparing for the first annual review. This session focuses on promoting a collaborative person-centred approach which upholds high expectations.

Pat Bullen

Using personal budgets effectively 

Pat Bullen, Education Consultant, PMB Education Ltd 

Pat discusses how to use Personal Budgets (PBs) effectively. She explains the law regarding PBs, how to request one, what PBs can be used for, what an effective PB might look like and how parents and carers have used them. She also looks at PBs for post 19 students and how these might differ from those of younger students. 

Anna Chiva photo square

Can a Local Authority solve the SEN puzzle? 

Anna Chiva, Associate Director for SEND, Achieving for Children (Richmond and Kingston Council)

Anna outlines how her organisation has improved the processes related to EHCPs and associated relationships, using evaluative frameworks and challenging practice. She highlights how IT can support innovative practice at low cost and explains the importance of working in collaboration with all partners to take forward solutions within governance structures, both critical to accountability and ownership.

Pat Bullen

EHCP Annual Review: ensuring stakeholders have the opportunity for a meaningful review; meeting need not just ticking boxes 

Pat Bullen, Education Consultant, PMB Education Ltd

Building on Jane Friswell’s earlier session on EHCP annual reviewsPat highlights effective practices in local areas to ensure stakeholders have the opportunity for a meaningful reviewShe considers the preparation of the young person and their family for the review, planning implications for reviews within school/college timetables and how technology can be used to good effect to support reviews. 

Caroline Coady

Decisions, capacity and EHCPs 

Caroline Coady, Assistant Director for Social Care, Council for Disabled Children 

This session enables practitioners to learn practical person-centred approaches for involving disabled young people and those with SEN in decision-making. Caroline explores the experience of young people and families. She demonstrates practical aspects of rights-based decision-making and reviews related key legislation, such as the 5 key principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. 

philippa watts photo square

Providing good quality health advice for EHCPs 

Philippa Watts, Senior Programmes Officer (Health), Council for Disabled Children 

Philippa’s aim is to increase understanding of the purpose and value of health advice in EHCPs, how it fits in the wider process and how it contributes to the achievement of holistic outcomes centred on children and young people. Her session explores what good advice looks like and how an enabling process can be supported.

“Excellent content delivered in a very convenient way and at a very reasonable price. More information than I could handle in one dose – but thankfully I will be able to re-visit in my own time.”


Janet Bristow, SENCO, Perrymount Primary School




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