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Owing to the pandemic, this conference was not able to live on the day. Within a 2 week time period, we had to send equipment out to all the speakers to get them to pre-record their sessions. This was a massive logistical challenge which became increasingly more affected as government restrictions were tightened. We were however successful and the conference went ahead as planned. Though the we lacked the controls on technology and location, the quality of the content remained as high as ever and the speakers did fantastically! Overall it was a great success and one of our busiest conferences to date with over 4000 views on the day!

“A really good way of gaining knowledge at a fantastic cost with excellent speakers. Really useful day. Thank you!”

Sue Edwards, CHANGE Schools Partnership

Who are our speakers?

Jane friswell

Managing and accessing funding for SEN and the £780m additional funding for SEND promise

Jane Friswell – SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate

Jane advises on managing and accessing funding for SEN. With the promise of an additional £780 million of funding for SEND allocated by government to LAs across England in the new financial year, how likely is this to have an impact on improving the quality of provision for pupils and their families?

Lorraine Petersen 4

An update on SEND policy and practice in the new political landscape

Lorraine Petersen OBE – Education Consultant

Lorraine provides an update on current SEND policy (following the general election) on supporting pupils with SEND. The session also reviews the impact of the changes to the Ofsted Framework introduced in September 2019.


Neil Mackay

Learning how to learn – supporting students with SEND to learn for tests and exams

Neil MacKay – CEO, Action Dyslexia Training and Consultancy

Neil discusses learning how to learn with SEND and outlines ways to support students with SEND to learn for tests and exams. The session focuses on making revision “memorable” for students who struggle to process and retain information when learning for tests.


ruth tp sq wb

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

Ruth Fidler, BA (Hons), PGCE – Education Consultant, Autism Associates

Ruth focuses on helping teachers to understand the distinctive profile of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) as part of the autism spectrum. The session introduces ‘Collaborative Approaches to Learning’, in order to meet the holistic needs of pupils with PDA.


becky Lyddon tp sq wb

Understanding sensory processing and the autistic child

Becky Lyddon – Founder, Sensory Spectacle

Becky provides insight on the autistic sensory world. The session aims to create a better understanding of SPD and therefore a better awareness of it. This is achieved by educating delegates on what life can be like for autistic children who have Sensory Processing Difficulties.


Liz Profile Pic tp sq wb

Effective deployment of TAs – making the most of support staff in schools

Liz Murray – Assistant Headteacher and SENCO, Spotlight Education Support

Liz discusses the effective deployment of TAs and making the most out of support staff in schools, based on her 20 years’ experience in education. The session considers the role of the TA in different settings, explores different models of support and incorporates research outcomes.


Fin O'Regan

Supporting children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Fintan O’Regan, MA, PGCE BSc – Behaviour and Learning Specialist, SF30 Ltd

Fintan outlines how to effectively support children and young people who display traits of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). The session aims to demystify ODD traits and mood management.

Dr Trisha Waters VSEN 2019 tp sq wb

Supporting pupils with attachment anxiety in schools using Story Links

Dr Trisha Waters, BSc, Cert Ed, MA(Ed), Dip Psych, PhD – Educational Therapist and Director of the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting

Trisha explains how the parent-partnership Story Links intervention can support individual pupils with attachment anxiety in schools. The session shows how co-creating stories can support positive attachment while also improving the child’s reading skills.


Marize Lawson sq

Developing a purpose filled approach for pupils with PMLD

Marize Lawson – Head of Margaret Brearley School, part of the Whitefield Academy Trust 

Marize focuses on supporting learners with PMLD on an individual level. The session explores practice within classes to ensure individualised and purpose filled learning for PMLD pupils at the early developmental levels.


Neil Mackay

Dyslexia in mainstream – Part 2

Neil MacKay –  CEO, Action Dyslexia Training and Consultancy

Back by popular demand following his talk on this subject at the 1st Virtual SEND Conference. Neil presents more high impact solutions for students who think faster than they read, write, spell and get ideas down on paper.


justin price tp sq wb

An introduction to and information about Social Stories

Justin Price, Headteacher, Freemantles School

Justin explains how Social Stories and comic strip conversations can help children and young people with autism to understand the social world.


Dr Trisha Waters VSEN 2019 tp sq wb

Supporting pupils’ SEMH with Therapeutic Storywriting 

Dr Trisha Waters, BSc, Cert Ed, MA(Ed), Dip Psych, PhD – Educational Therapist and Director of the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting

Trisha explains how Therapeutic Storywriting Groups can support the social, emotional and mental health of pupils by working with the symbolic imagery in pupils’ own story writing.


“Excellent content delivered in a very convenient way and at a very reasonable price. More information than I could handle in one dose – but thankfully I will be able to re-visit in my own time.”


Janet Bristow, SENCO, Perrymount Primary School

Who are the hosts?

Dale Pickles

Dale Pickles

Managing Director, B Squared Ltd

Jon Twycross

Jon Twycross

Chief Product Officer, B Squared Ltd

Alex Hurle

Alex Hurle

Head of Education, B Squared Ltd

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