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Parent Talks from Virtual SEND Conference 

Part 1 & 2 now launched

Parent Talks is specifically aimed at parents of children with SEND. We want to bring the same exciting content that we have been delivering to schools but re-focussed to parents and their own individual struggles.

Parent Talks is a different way to access support and guidance, it is a series of online talks, delivered like a TV series. The talks will feature experts delivering high-value talks with useful information for parents across a variety of topics.

Parents can access Parent Talks in a way that suits them. They can binge watch 6 talks in a day or watch the talks over a series of evenings. Parent Talks fits into people’s lives, giving them a way to access support and advice.

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Season 1 Part 1

Caroline Tomlinson

Feeling ready will never happen – so let’s start anyway! 

Caroline Tomlinson – Founder and CEO, My Life Legacy

Thinking about the future for our children with special educational needs and disabilities is a really difficult thing to do. Caroline gives a practical guide to the things you can explore and do. From housing, finance, and getting good support, to planning the inevitable.

Debrah Wilson

Person Centred Intervention Planning: ‘What’s this all about’?

Debrah Wilson – Education and Assessment Manager, Fresh Start in Education Ltd

Debrah explains what Person Centred Intervention means and how it can help young people with SEND and their parents make home tuition successful. This talk outlines how to recognise prior achievements and highlight areas for personal development and emotional well-being, to develop self-esteem and resilience as a learner.


Gareth Morewood 2

Supporting transition back to school post-closure 

Gareth Morewood – Educational Advisor and former Secondary SENCo

Gareth’s talk outlines practical ideas on how to support the transition back to school/setting after the closures due to COVID-19. The aim of this talk is to enable parents and settings to start collaborating on personal plans for a return to education not in the home.


Jane friswell

A step by step guide to how to apply for an EHC Assessment; participating in Annual and Transitional Reviews 

Jane Friswell – SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate

The Education, Health and Care Assessment process of your child’s special educational needs can seem like a minefield to many parents and carers- this absolutely should not be the case! Jane will clearly explain how the process should and must operate in your local area and how you can and should have access.

Rhiannon Orlebar

Money matters: Disability Living Allowance and Universal Credit 

Rhiannon Orlebar – Family Support Worker, Contact (Contact Wandsworth)

Money matters can cause a great deal of stress and worry for parents of young people with SEND. In this talk, Rhiannon explains all about Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and how it is awarded. She outlines the process of claiming DLA, the effect DLA has on other benefits, and the appeals process for an unsuccessful claim.

Tessa Morton

Making autism easier to understand by bringing the sensory experience to life and supporting your child with the 3 C Pathway 

Tessa Morton – Director, Act for Autism

Tessa helps parents and carers to understand the sensory challenges faced by autistic children. She explains the 8 senses and their impact on an autistic child. Tessa provides exercises that help you to experience sensory chaos. Tessa also talks about the 3 C Pathway to support your child’s confidence in relationship building – and why this is so important!


Season 1 Part 2

Dr Elizabeth Shea

Understanding and managing avoidant and restrictive eating 

Dr Elizabeth Shea – Clinical Psychologist

Eating problems are relatively common in childhood and range from typical ‘fussiness’ to more severe difficulties. These issues can be poorly understood. Using the new diagnosis of Avoidant and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, Elizabeth explains this eating issue and outlines present evidence and practice-based strategies for intervention.


Gareth Morewood 2

Supporting a good transition to secondary school 

Gareth Morewood – Educational Advisor and former Secondary SENCo

The transition to secondary school is a huge change for parents and their children, especially those with SEND. Gareth’s talk helps parents understand how to identify key challenges and develop practical ideas to support these challenges. He also highlights a range of different experiences and research to help support parents.


Jane friswell

The parental role in building resilience – promoting advocacy and self-advocacy for our young people 

Jane Friswell – SEND Consultant and Parent Advocate

Supporting and underpinning the rights and entitlements of our children with SEND can be a challenge for parents. It can be hard for parents to look to the future, when they are so focused on the here and now. Jane’s talk explores how our capacity as parents can and should facilitate building resilient relationships and supportive networks.


J Revels

Support in the early years – help when your child has just been diagnosed 

Julie Revels – Early Years SEND Trainer and Consultant, Church Park Consultants

Julie’s talk looks at ways parents and early years practitioners can work together to ensure that each child’s unique learning and development needs are met. Julie explains the role of the key person and the SENCO in supporting children with SEND and highlights how person centred one page profiles can strengthen how practitioners and parents work together.


Paige Fujiu Baird

Dealing with school refusal 

Paige Fujiu-Baird – Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Partners

Paige helps parents and caregivers to understand school refusal behaviour in children that can’t or won’t go to school. This talk enables parents and caregivers to recognise school refusal, understand general intervention approaches, and put into action practical strategies for themselves and school personnel.

Pat Bullen

What every parent/carer needs to know about Personal Budgets in education, including young people aged 19 or over 

Pat Bullen – SEND Consultant, PMB Education Ltd

Effective Personal Budgets can have a huge impact on children and young people with additional needs. Pat’s talk helps parents understand the law around Personal Budgets, how to request one, how to overcome the barriers to obtaining one, and support for over 19s. She covers what Personal Budgets can be used for and the positive impact they can have.


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