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27th MARCH 2020

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This conference is different from all the others

The VSEND Conference is a 21st-century solution designed to support schools and professionals that is both affordable and easily accessible without reducing quality.

A Virtual SEND Conference is a real conference with a big difference… you attend it online from where you are! We have taken this concept and created SEND focused conferences to help the whole education sector get the quality CPD they need. We get the best speakers from across the country to talk about a range of topics. Then we build a schedule that has something for every school and setting.

See previews and full program for the LAST conference

``The Virtual SEND Conference brings together experts in the field of SEND offering support and advice on a number of topics . Delegates will be able to access and participate from their own setting or home, bringing the SEND community together.``
Lorraine Petersen OBE, LPEC

Are these events only for B Squared Customers?

You can still purchase access to the videos even after the event has happened

No, this is for all professionals working with pupils with SEND. We are dedicated to supporting SEND and ensuring access to high quality information and guidance that they can access and afford via our VSEND Conference.

Early in 2018 we started hosting FREE webinars aimed at helping teachers to keep schools up-to-date with changing guidelines around children with SEND. We also used the webinars to offer free training and advice on assessment within schools. These webinars have been very successful especially with school budgets being squeezed and teachers’ workloads increasing. This led us to host a Virtual Conference. Here we can expand topics such as ‘the results of the National SENCO Workload Survey 2018’ to further support all teachers at classroom level. And so the VSEND Conference was born!

What our previous attendees have to say

Initially I was a bit wary that it would be very biased towards your product, but the fact that it was very objective and focused on relevant issues was a real plus for me. I would definitely attend future events. Thank you.
- Melanie Appleyard, Teacher/SENCO, Canon Burrows Primary School
It was informative and made accessing training from abroad really easy. I also appreciate that I will be able to access the lectures again.
- Phillippa Miller, Trainee SENCO
Excellent content delivered in a very convenient way and at a very reasonable price. More information than I could handle in one dose - but thankfully I will be able to re-visit in my own time.
- Janet Bristow, SENCO, Perrymount Primary School

Missed a Virtual SEND Conference?

You can still purchase access to the VSEND Conference videos even after the event has happened

Why go Virtual?

Save Money

Save over £200 compared to other national conferences, we provide high-quality content, accessible after the conference is finished.

Cost Effective

Access Anytime

You can be part of the conference on the day, or watch the sessions later on when you have time.

Fits around you

No Travelling

Watch the conference from home or at school, the choice is yours. No time spent travelling and no travel and accommodation costs.

Saves time and money

Whole School Benefits

Unlike other conferences, the Virtual SEND Conference provides videos of the sessions for you to share with the rest of your school.

Everyone benefits

This conference is about supporting schools to support their pupils with SEND, in a time when schools are facing ever increasing financial pressure. Over recent years we have seen big changes around supporting pupils with SEND, with very little money and therefore time to fully implement these changes. Professionals working with pupils with SEND need support and guidance on a wide range of areas they are required to be experts on. It has to be affordable, easily accessible and easy to share with other professionals in the school to help raise the priority of SEND in schools.
- Dale Pickles, B Squared Ltd

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